Where’s the Static?

You know us 90’s kids, we all grew up with boom-boxes and walkmans and mp3 players and jam to our favorite beats. We’d tilt the antenna to the left or walk with that slow glide to make sure our music doesn’t skip. For me, radio was one of the best things that ever happened to me. When things were, well, less than savory at the house, I could just lock myself in my room and turn it to 105.1 and escape for a while where no one had control over what I was listening to or when I was doing it, really.

But where is radio today? 105.1 is not my beloved rock station anymore, I’ve long since forgotten my walkman and, well, there’s not much left on the radio stations for a hard-rocker like me. No, we turn to iTunes and iPods and maybe, if we’re patient, we choose Internet radio such as Pandora where we “choose” what we want to listen to, which has been the choice I have made for years now.

But I have to say, radio is not obsolete!

“While radio is valued, radio is also taken for granted. Because it is so pervasive, radio is sometimes overlooked, just like water or electricity.” –National Association of Broadcasters

We use radio more often than we think. What do you turn on when you ride in the car? What’s the weatherman in your home when you hear the tornado sirens? When all else fails, radio is there. There may be fewer or different stations than before, but the radio still has its place in society. For now.


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