How Are We Learning?

Shifting from high school to college, I’ve noticed a strange predicament:  all the paper has vanished.  Suddenly, instead of having packets of worksheets and syllabi passed out to me, I am directed to websites like Blackboard and Ulink to navigate through my college career.  15% of my French credit is online work.  For some courses, the entirety of the class is taught online.

I have to say,  I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, eBooks are cheaper, the Internet is super helpful, and I like seeing my grades on Blackboard, but I’m going to be printing out the syllabi and worksheets on my own, wasting money to do so.

Another point to make is the fact that as I’m typing this out, my computer is dying, which is another downfall of everything going online.

I think the cons outweigh the pros in most instances.

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