Future of Television







Cable prices are  going up, theatre prices are going up, blockbuster is out of business, and satellite is expensive as always, so what’s left? Streaming. Netflix and Hulu and old-fashioned torrenting.  Or, of course, if you want to stop by McDonald’s and pick up a dollar DVD to rent from RedBox. But as far as our favorite shows, why pay all that money to watch a third or a fourth of the channels the cable network offers, pay even more for DVR to watch them  when we want, when we could just pay a few dollars a month (or nothing at all) to get the same thing on a wide variety of devices. 

The Principle of Relative Constancy is a little theory that supports my claim here about how people don’t want to continuously spend more and more money on more and more technology or entertainment.

“…People spend a constant fraction of their disposable income on mass media over time. People do…alter their spending on mass media categories when new new services/products are introduced.” [McCombs & Nolan, 1992]

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  1. SLE says:

    ok but let’s develop this with a bit more analysis and depth–possibly cite/link to outside sources to make a stronger case. sle

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