It’s New!!







Nostalgia fills me as I walk by and see this “ancient” treasure.  Tetris! Nintendo! Who would’ve thought they could have made something better?

n64gameboy color






Gameboy Color? N64?! This is the best thing ever! I think to myself, age eight or so.  I devote hours of Zelda and Mario Kart and the like.

gameboy advance spnintendo ds lite

Gamboy Advance SP?! Nintendo DS Lite?! Surely this is the end of the line. I think, around age thirteen or so.  I saw how much better Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets looked on the DS Lite and even the SP as opposed to the Gameboy Color.  I felt how much easier the controls were for the DS Lite as opposed to any handheld before it.

3ds XL

Six years later, I still find myself surprised.  3DS XL!! WOW. This is innovation. 3D touch screens, inner and outer camera, easy controls, high quality graphics…this, this has to be the best they can do.

As I grow older, I have to wonder, how often am I going to be surprised?  How long am I still going to embrace new technology?  So far, every upgrade, every new thing has been a wonderful improvement in one way or another.  But I have to ask myself, is it because it has always been catered to my age?

“Technology is created by the young, for the young.”TheTerrifying Truth About New Technology [DANIEL H. WILSON]

Wilson talks about assimilation into technology.  Young people who are born into a certain type of technology may get it right, but older adults may have more trouble relating that technology to its intended purpose.

“This is probably why I once caught my grandfather speaking into a computer mouse as if it were a ham-radio mic.”[WILSON]

Growing older is a part of life, and I, personally, want to take one last thing away from Wilson’s message as I grow up.

“When those kinds of thoughts scrabble into my aging brain as I hold some magical new device in my vein-laced hands, I will bite down and swallow my confusion and anger. I will power through it, try to figure it out, and I’ll even try to enjoy it.

I will do my best to keep faith that with each passing day, technology still makes sense. It didn’t used to be simpler. It wasn’t better before. It’s not useless.”

I want everything new I hold in my hand as I grow older to be like my awesome 3DS XL, yet still be able to look back fondly on things like my old Tetris game for the SNES.  All technology is a beautiful thing. 🙂

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