The Woes of Computer Surveillance

Computer privacy has become a huge concern as we increasingly use portable computers, wifi, share public computers or use any sort of Internet access points for personal, school or business uses. 

AT&T wrote plainly on its AdWorks Mobile Audience Network Web site that it collects customers’ data and provides third-party companies with “the ability to reach customized audience segments based on anonymous and aggregate demographics and sophisticated psychographic criteria.” A T-Mobile spokesperson confirmed to CNN that the carrier offers similar services to third-party companies.–[]

Even cell phone companies are collecting and selling our information for a profit.  It’s all about “sophisticated” advertising and frankly, I am turned off.  I think it’s a cheap way out, a cop-out if you will, of working hard and selling your product the old-fashioned way–by making good products!  If you were confident in your product, you wouldn’t have to pinpoint it on an “ideal type” of customer! 

Some of the information sent back by tracking cookies includes information that could be used to identify you. []


This is a scary notion to me.  Why would strangers want to identify me?  I am not your pawn, I am not your statistic, I do not want you to have my information and yet it is becoming increasingly harder for me to hide it! Facebook is continuously updating its privacy settings; I have no idea what to do with my cell phone records; what is put on the Internet (whether you meant to put it on there or not) has a permanent record; and everyone is looking at it! Future employers, extended family, extended church members, companies, government agencies, hackers. 

What do I do? Do I just abandon the Internet? Never surf the web or update my status again? Quit cold turkey?

I want to be free.  This is my Internet, your Internet, our Internet. Let us use it as it was meant to be used since the 80’s, after it was brought to our homes. Individually.


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