What does blogging mean for society?




Does blogging do more harm than good? Is blogging actually a vital tool for our ever-changing society? Is it a help or a hindrance? On the one hand, we have a story such as the following, about Mrs.Nikki Haley, that depicts one side of blogging, and the effects it can have:

“The rumor — that Haley was about to be indicted for tax fraud — was so delicious that other bloggers, tweeters and even some mainstream media outlets felt compelled to repeat it.

Except that it wasn’t true. Not even a little bit. Some twit apparently thought it would be fun to start a rumor and see what happened next. We all know what happens: Indictments spread like wildfire; corrections couldn’t roast a marshmallow.

The damage took only a couple of hours. And Haley, a rising star in the Republican Party and a possible vice presidential pick for Mitt Romney, is all too aware of the potential cost to her reputation. She’s been through this before…” [Kathleen Parker – Washington Post ]


This obviously shows the detriments of blogging and how people can use parts of the internet to spread rumors like children and destroy reputations.  However, you see examples like this, which flip the coin:

“Sometimes a blog starts out as a hobby only to become a full-time business.

That’s what happened to Pat Flynn, who created a blog called Green Exam Academy simply to share his thoughts and insights on architecture. When Flynn was laid off from his job, he decided to take his blog a little bit more seriously and about one year later the blog had become a $100,000 per year business.”

That quote can from a blog website listing 20 benefits of blogging. You can follow the link and read them all here>>[http://www.incomediary.com/biggest-blogging-benefits]

So what’s my opinion on the blog’s role in society? The blog is a form of communication, it is an extension of your mouth, your brain. YOU are in control of what you type, of what you save, and yes, while it is proven that people feel less inhibited when they are not talking face to face, you are still in charge of your own self-control.  The blog is neutral; that is how I feel about all technology.  Like my communications teacher once said, you can make a hammer and use it either to build a house, or hit someone in the head.  It’s not the hammer’s fault, it’s your choice.

Will blogging become more of a practiced thing? I think so. I think businesses would do well to incorporate blogs with customer feedback available.  Blogs have great potential because we have great potential.

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