Loosening the bonds?

Thanksgiving Day, the day to play “how attached am I to my beloved technology?”  As is the running theme in my posts, technology has its hold on me, I have been tightening the bonds all of my life.  But not this day.  This day is a day to experiment with loosening a bond. My task was to go a full day without using my phone or the Internet. Let me tell you, this was no easy task.  Luckily, I chose a day where I knew I would be pretty busy. Before family arrived I would distract myself with cleaning or reading. Then when they did arrive I wasn’t too worried because I genuinely enjoyed conversation with them. Then after dinner I would read or play billiards with my brother-in-law, trying to constantly stay busy (and also because pool is fun). Then we saw a movie and came back and played a board game together, more constant distraction, then after everything I read some more….It wasn’t until a bit later that I just absolutely HAD to call my boyfriend and have our daily conversation. I had reached my limit of being away from him.  I found that I could distract myself with entertaining things all I wanted to replace the entertaining things on my phone, but what I couldn’t stay away from were the conversations that I felt just needed to be had.


Completely changing the subject, I also wanted to reflect on a concept in my communications class. The Theory of the Long Tail was the most satisfying for me as a person who purchases some things that would fall on the longer end of that tail sometimes.  It’s nice to see it laid out in a theory that people like us matter, people who don’t always go for the most popular item in the store.  I got to see statistical proof.  It made me very happy.

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